Robo-Pimp Girls Trained To Be Bad – Sabrina – First time

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Here’s a full compilation of the first Sabrina video that I shot. Sabrina, is not a model… she’s a friend that I met, and convinced to let me train her and video tape it. This was also the first time she was trained… This video includes the full training of Sabrina, as well as the following: Welcome brand new model, sabrina… she was an excellent subject and went very deep into my training routine. We start off this clip right after she is coming out of my training schedule, and she feels great. Then in order to solidify my training, I ask her to sit at the side of the bed – where I put her back into a sleepy training mode. In this mode, I explain to her that her ass is stuck to my bed and she can not get up. Then I bring her out, and the fun begins. While she struggles to get up, and doesn’t know why she can’t; I freeze her in various times. sabrina is an excellent freeze subject, as you can see everything in her stop.. her eyes even start to water and tear… Ok, we have sabrina convinced that the reason she is stuck to the bed is because her brain was cluttered, and needs to be cleaned.. WARNING: Do Not Attempt this at Home, Should Only Be Performed by Trained Professionals – and With the Persons Consent! So, I tell her that in order to clean her brain, I have to remove it. After her initial shock, I explain that I can remove her brain without cutting into her head – and she is relieved. Then I proceed, and remove her brain – and you can see her body instantly go away… as her mind is gone. While she is out I pose her a bit, check her eyes, and so forth.. then I proceed to put her brain back – backwards… sabrina is deep in her training with me, and in this clip we have her freeze in place, over and over. Its rather enjoyable watching her stop in her tracks, and be frozen completely – unable to see, hear or do anything. While she’s frozen, I pose her a bit – and do some close-ups on her face… and you can see, as she is frozen; her eyes start to tear and you can see some tears rolling down her face. sabrina is taught the j3di mind trick. She reacts to it very well, as I start this clip off with me waving my hand in front of her face, turning it completely empty and blank; ready for my command. I tell her what to do, and she repeats it in a daze, and then snaps out of it – doing what I just told her to do, and justifying it by thinking it was something she wanted to do… My first command is to have her remove her shirt, which she does very elegantly. 🙂 Then there is alot of freeze action in this clip. sabrina is now forced to undress completely, stark naked by using the j3di mind trick. Watch as I wave my hand in front of her face to see her go blank expression, unable to think move or anything – until I say something to her – and she repeats it and has to perform what I ask of her… there’s a little snafu here – she hears one of my j3di mind tricks; but when repeating it she gets it wrong and slightly snaps out of the j3di trick, and looks at me and then starts to realize what has been happening, but before she remembers it all; I put her back into a deep sleep and re-enforce my training… and then she finally gets it right. Now we try something completely different, and I use the j3di mind trick to zap sabrina into having a compulsion to cover her face with her hair. Watch as she HAS to cover her face with her long beautiful flowing brunette hair, and I attempt to stop her – but she fights with me, needing to push her hair back into her face – until I freeze her, and then move her face exposing her beautifully frozen gaze… and unfreeze her, to have her push her hair back in front.. as she brushes it over and over with her hands; until I snap her back to normal and she no longer has the compulsion to cover herself with her hair.
Release Date:
21 Nov, 2022
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