Training Your Mouth For My Gags

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How foolish of you to copy whole paragraphs of my book on cock gags in your essay - did you really think I wouldn't notice? When I WROTE it? Ridiculous. Naturally, as your professor, I could get you removed from the college for this, but I have a better idea...Dressed in black opaque hose, high heeled black leather boots, red cashmere rollneck sweater, I explain to you that if you'd like to keep your place at the college, you'll be acting as a volunteer for my gag research, entitled 'oral for the submissive male'. I'll be gagging you with ring gags, cock gags, and eventually with a big strap-on dildo and observing your reactions. Obviously it'll be uncomfortable and humiliating, especially if I invite other members of the faculty to observe as I conduct my research on you. But I think you may well find that you start to crave my gag training. I'm sure that deep down, you're a submissive male, aren't you? Who longs to be made to swallow huge dildos to show me what an eager mouth you have?
Release Date:
28 Sep, 2022
Training Your Mouth For My Gags – Scene Poster on  with Ariel Anderssen
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