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This video involves jerk off instructions followed by a ruined orgasm of a viewer and cum eating instructions at the end. The video doesn’t include any hardcore, but it features a LOT of femdom and requires strict submission of a male viewer. Mistress is happy you came to watch her. She gives you her first order: you must beg Mistress to allow you to jerk off your cock. Good boy. Now she tells you that from now she and only she owns you - not only your cock but your mind also. You belong to HER. Now when you understood the rules of the game, Mistress talks about what she is going to do with HER boy. She is going to make you so horny, make your cock (actually it’s HER cock) throbbing and twitching and… leave you completely unsatisfied. Yes, your Mistress will ruin your orgasm, she is the only one of you two who is going to be pleased and satisfied today. And you… you are going to sacrifice your enjoyment for the sake of your Mistress because you obey her and her enjoyment is much more important than yours. Mistress starts to instruct you how you must stroke your (her) cock. Sometimes when you are already so involved into the process and don’t want to stop, she just orders you to take your hands off and watches how helpless and desperate you are not being able to touch your cock despite craving it so much. While Mistress gives you instructions, she also plays with herself, touching her big tits and pussy because the view of a frustrated and horny man makes her pussy so wet. Finally when Mistress is satisfied with holding you on the edge, she gives you a countdown from 10 to 1 (each number is followed by her instructions). During the countdown after a particular number she orders you to take your hands off the cock. And then after a little bit of time she orders you to spill that cum on your hand without touching your cock. Yes. Now it’s completely ruined. Yes, you ejaculated but you didn’t orgasm! The only one who is satisfied is her while you are absolutely desperate. Well, that’s not the end. Now Mistress wants you to lick your cum from your fingers. Savor it. Oh, is it salty? Does it taste like what you have eaten for lunch? You finish licking your fingers and tasting your cum. Mistress is happy and orders you to thank her for ruining your orgasm. She says you have been such a good and submissive boy. Maybe next time she will not be so cruel and let you feel that pleasure of your precious orgasm… Maybe…The video is recorded in 4K resolution. Tags: femdom,,, CEI, countdown, cum countdown, big tits, huge tits, tit worship, ruined orgasm, mistress, submissive man, goddess, psychological domination, mental domination, 4K, cum eating instructions, jerk off instructions
Release Date:
27 Sep, 2022
JOI and CEI – Scene Poster on  with kristinaxxx
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