Ludella Hahn – Life is like a Box of Brainwash

Big Tits, Brainwash, Striptease, Brainwashing, Panty Hose, Slave
Ludella plays a creepy science nerd who has sexual fantasies about her therapist (Hannah Perez) and has decided that the only way she will ever be able to fulfill her taboo fantasy with her is to concoct magic brainwashing chocolates to give to her on Valentine’s Day so that Hannah will have to do everything she wants. Hannah is a stuck-up and strict therapist who has no time for Ludella’s awkward demeanor, but gives into eating one of the chocolates to get Ludella to pay attention to their session. Ludella keeps talking about her science lab and Hannah tells her maybe she should have some other hobbies outside of science. Ludella then says she wants to talk about how pretty Hannah is, but Hannah says that’s inappropriate. Then Ludella tells her she wants to talk about Hannah taking her top off. Hannah protests and begins lecturing Ludella while unknowingly taking her top off. When she realizes that her body is following Ludella’s orders, she begins freaking out. “What is happening?” Ludella tells her about her brainwashing chocolates science experiment. Hannah tries to convince her to tell her to put her top back on so they can continue the session, but Ludella tells her she has other plans. She wants to turn Hannah into her personal sex slave and have her take her virginity. Hannah is forced to do a sexy dance for her and play with her big tits. Ludella laughs at how Hannah can’t do anything but obey in spite of her efforts not to. When Hannah freaks out saying that she could lose her job, Ludella makes her touch Ludella’s boobs, telling Hannah how bad this all looks on the security camera…with Hannah stripping and touching her patient’s boobs. She threatens blackmailing her and filing a lawsuit. Hannah is freaking out…but soon the brainwashing begins to grow stronger and Hannah starts messing up her train of thought…now saying only the things Ludella wants her to. She no longer has a mind of her own. Ludella rejoices. She now has her own pretty sex doll! She makes Hannah walk in the zombie trance repeating mantras of Ludella’s control. Then she has her strip out of the rest of her clothes and pantyhose, while Ludella plays with her own boobs. Finally, she has Hannah mount her so she can finally have the sexual encounter with her therapist she’s been fantasizing about
Release Date:
21 Nov, 2022
Ludella Hahn – Life is like a Box of Brainwash – Scene Poster on, with Hannah Perez, Ludella Hahn, Nerdy Girl, Real Doll, Therapist
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