Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 1

Verbal Humiliation, Fetish, Humiliation, Submissive, Slave
Part One: Intro, Induction, Freeze Games, Amnesia 0:00:10 Introduction 0:01:45 Discussion of Bound-Con in Germany 0:05:45 Discussion of NEEHU 0:09:00 Memories (or lack of) of the last session 0:13:30 Resistance Induction (Fighting only drops her deeper) 0:25:00 Amnesia: All she knows is her name is Bunny 0:29:45 Programming with a FREEZE Trigger 0:30:50 Awake and gets her memories back 0:31:30 Amnesia: No memory of organising a shoot today 0:32:30 Freeze Trigger Play 0:35:30 Gets her memories back. Calls me an idiot 0:37:00 Sings Instead of Talking (And thinks it normal) 0:39:30 Still singing (Aware its *not* normal) 0:41:10 Back to normal
Release Date:
21 Nov, 2022
Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 1 – Scene Poster on Clips4sale.com, Entrancement.com with Ariel Anderssen, Tall Women
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