Lust Triangles: Let Me Make It Up To You

Hardcore, Lingerie, Bedroom, Cheating, Couple
Bella Rolland is mindlessly doing laundry on the bed when something shiny catches her eye. She finds an unfamiliar bracelet against her pillow and immediately thinks that her husband, Ryan Driller, is cheating on her. But when she confronts Ryan about it, he admits that the bracelet was a gift that he purposely left there for HER.

Bella is relieved and apologetic. With her mind at ease, she excuses herself to run some errands outside of the house. But as soon as she leaves, Ryan lets out a huge sigh of relief, double checking the bed to make sure nothing else has been accidentally left behind...

A few minutes later, Ryan is shocked when Jewelz Blu walks in through the door. He is quick to pull his mistress inside, berating her for coming over unannounced when his wife could've been home. Jewelz insists she was coming over to find the bracelet she left behind but Ryan points out that it was already found... by his wife! But luckily, he managed to cover their tracks by saying that the bracelet was a gift for her. Jewelz is disappointed since it's her favorite bracelet but Ryan insists that he knows how to make it up to her...

Soon enough, Ryan throws Jewelz onto the bed and they eagerly begin kissing and undressing each other. It's not long before they're moaning in pleasure as Jewelz rides Ryan's cock, but their fun is short-lived when they suddenly hear the front door open.

Ryan scrambles to get dressed, meeting Bella before she can make it to the bedroom. He's stunned when Bella pulls open her jacket, revealing that she's wearing sexy lingerie that she just bought for him. She still feels bad about accusing Ryan of cheating and is ready to give him the best sex of his life. Fortunately for Ryan, Bella's so focused on HIM that she fails to see Jewelz sneaking away right behind her...
Release Date:
20 Nov, 2022
Lust Triangles: Let Me Make It Up To You – Scene Poster on, with Bella Rolland, Jewelz Blu
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