Lolly Dames(Cocky, Arrogant)

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Orlando native Victor Ray 💪🏽 makes his debut on See H🕴️M Fuck today, and we brought back our MILF friend Lolly Dames 🦄🍭 for today's update. After director Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins conducts the interview slice of the program with HIM, Victor stands and strips, only pausing to tease that big bulge in his See HIM boxers 🩲 He massages his cock until the lovely Lolly joins the scene with some lube 🧴💧 for the 21-year-old's impressive naked body. Lolly has HIM take a seat on the couch so she can adore his socked, bare feet 🧦👃🦶🏽👅🤤 Victor then stands so Lolly can 👃 sniff, lick 👅 his hirsute armpits 💪🏽 before she gets down to the ass-eating 👅🍑 where Lolly rims and probes HIM with her tongue while Victor is spread-eagle 🦅 via the rusty trombone 💨🎵 and in a reverse piledriver 👅🤸🏽 ♂️ The two then swap oral treats, as Victor goes down to suck, slurp on the cougar's pierced clit 👅🚣 ♂️ followed by Lolly slobbering, gagging 🤤🍆 on his thick uncut 🚫✂️ Latin prick. Then they finally get down to the fucking, as Lolly takes all of HIM cowgirl 🤠 piledriver 👷🏽 ♂️🤸 ♀️ reverse piledriver, and folded up like a pretzel 🥨 until Victor pulls out and dumps on her tummy ✊🏽🍆💦 We caught up with our newest HIM in the shower afterward 🚿 to see how things went...Until next week and the next H🕴️M! 👋
Release Date:
20 Nov, 2022
Lolly Dames(Cocky, Arrogant) – Scene Poster on with Lolly Dames
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