A Day With A Shrink

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There are still a lot of stigmas when it comes to going to therapy. Despite the growing awareness that going to a shrink helps, some people can't help but still feel reluctant about visiting one. Vincent used to be one of the doubters about therapy. However, he experiences a change in mindset after a session with Billie Star. The handsome bearded hunk shares some aspects of his life with the sexy shrink. The therapy suddenly gets interesting for Billie when Vincent shares a story about his sex life and foot fetish. The naughty therapist puts her clipboard away and starts teasing her hot client using her sexy feet in black high heels. Vincent is a bit taken aback by Billie's sudden advances. However, he can't refuse the blessing that is right in front of him. Vincent grabs Billie's foot and starts admiring her bright red toenail polish. He kisses Billie's smooth soles before licking her long toes. Billie shows her flexibility as she lets Vincent watch her do a stunning self-toe-sucking performance. The naughty shrink sits on Vincent's shoulders and gives him a footjob. After all the teasing and feet foreplay, Billie rides Vincent's cock in reverse cowgirl. Billie's sweet moans echo throughout the room as Vincent slides his cock into her tight asshole. She can feel the stiff cock digging deeper into her bum with every thrust of Vincent's hips. The horny lad keeps on fucking Billie in the ass while giving her proper foot worship. Vincent tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Billie's tight asshole. He fucks her in doggystyle and missionary on the couch until he feels like cumming. Vincent pulls his cock out of the tight hole and unloads his warm and sticky cum all over Billie's feet. The sexy therapist spreads the creamy jizz all over her feet. She sucks her big toes as her body recovers from the intense foot worship and anal pounding.
Release Date:
19 Nov, 2022
A Day With A Shrink – Scene Poster on LoveHerFeet.com with Billie Star
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